Miskin has 3 primary areas of business:

1.  Construction Implements (Scrapers, Wagons, etc)

2.  Farm Implements (Scrapers, Levelers, Subsoilers)

3.  Custom Manufacturing

With the acquisition of the Harvey line, we will add an additional area of business:

4.  Service Parts for all brands of scrapers.

we believe in improvement.  We are always looking for ways to improve our products.  We listen to our customers, that is often where the best ideas come from.

our approach

who we are

Harvey Manufactruring Company's (HMC)Scraper line was aquired by Miskin Scraper works, inc.

our products

Miskin's advanced designs make our products unique and able to outperform competitors.  Our machines simpley work better, so customers prefer them.

Harvey Scrapers are now part of Miskin

Miskin is the oldest manufacturer of scrapers.  Starting in 1917 when scrapers were pulled by horses.  It remains a family-owned and operated business, selling products worldwide.